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hp_ficathons's Journal

HP Ficathon Listing
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If you are running a challenge, a fest or a ficathon in the HP fandom - however formal or informal, however large or small, for art/fiction/essays - feel free to make your announcements here.

Looking for a fest to take your fancy? Signed up for a fest and can't find where to post your entry? Fancy browsing through a variety of fics for a particular pairing or theme? You can find a reference list of challenges, fests, ficathons and more here.

New challenge/fest/ficathon announcements:
Don't forget to include details such as start date and deadline, and a link to sign up. If there are any major restrictions (such as slash only, for example), please mention them in your post.

You can issue *one* 'last chance to sign up' reminder and *one* deadline reminder.

After the ficathon is finished:
Publicise your master list of entries here.

~ No fic searches, no random spamming, no individual fic/art pimping.

~ Posts not related to the subject matter (see above) will be removed.

~ Challenges taking place *only* within communities which set regular weekly/monthly challenges should not be posted here. If the community happens to host a one-off or a rare event which all can take part in, however, that would be fine.

~ If you're not sure your post / challenge is suitable, drop me a line at the email address above.